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   For over 10 years, genealogy has been my hobby, in fact my family would say it has become an obsession.........

The buttons at the side take you through to the names I have been researching. If you think your tree might link up with mine, I would be delighted to share the information I have.

Dina's most wanted

These are ancestors I am particularly searching for: -

1. Mary Ann Keevil, born Poonamallee, Madras in 1865. Daughter of Isaac Keevil and Mary Offord. First marriage to John Woodhouse 1882 Madras, one son, Ernest Edward Woodhouse 1883. John died 1893.

2. William Henry Osborne Hiatt born Bickenhill, Warwickshire 1867, Mary Jane's second husband. He was serving as a soldier in the 17/21st. Lancers in India when they were married in 1894 in Madras. One son, William Henry Hiatt, born 1894.

3. Anne Hiatt (nee Gretton), William Hiatt senior's first wife whom he married in 1889 in Mancetter, Warwickshire. One daughter, Annie Louisa born 1890. Still around in the 1901 census, living with her parents. So Mary Jane and William Hiatt were married bigamously. Known that Mary Jane came to London, stayed at 2 addresses in Lambeth whilst her elder son was in the Army. He enlisted in 1897 and left in 1909.

Our search to find this elusive group has taken us 3 times to New Zealand but to no avail.....someone, somewhere must know of one or all of them !!!

Once again, welcome, and I look forward to hearing from any of you with possible connections.

Dina Smith (nee Fallows). Your my visitor !